Town Offices  
8 School Road  
Windham, Maine  
Town of Windham  
Meeting Agenda  
Planning Board  
1 Call To Order  
2 Roll Call and Declaration of Quorum  
3 Approval of Minutes: July 26, 2021  
Public Hearings and Continuing Business  
Members of the public may offer evidence or statements relevant to the project under  
consideration after the Planning Board chair opens the public comment period. The  
Planning Board may, at its discretion, limit testimony to a set time period. Please submit  
written comments prior to the meeting by mail or to  
Amendments to Town of Windham Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 140,  
Sections 400 Zoning Districts, 500 Performance Standards and 800 Site  
Plan Review, and the Official Land Use Map for the creation of two new  
zoning districts, Windham Center (WC) and Village Residential (VR), and  
changes to curb cut, drive-through facility, medical office, and commercial  
district design performance standards related to the new districts.  
Amendments to Town of Windham Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 140,  
Sections 300 Definitions, 400 Zoning Districts and 500 Performance  
Standards, for the creation of Affordable Housing Standards to apply in the  
Commercial 1 (C-1), Commercial 2 (C-2), Medium-Density Residential  
(RM), Village Commercial (VC) and Windham Center (WC) Districts.  
New Business  
In accordance with the Rules of the Planning Board, no public comment shall be allowed  
during the Continuing Business or New Business portions of the meeting, except as  
requested by the Board. Written comment may be submitted to the Board at any time at  
21-11: 11 Androscoggin Street Apartments. Major Site Plan and Major  
Subdivision sketch plan review. Mr. James Cummings is proposing a lot  
split to construct an 8-unit apartment building. The property in question is  
located at 11 Androscoggin Street and identified on Tax Map: 37, Lot 13,  
Zone: Village Commercial (VC).  
21-12: 68 High Street Subdivision. Minor Subdivision sketch plan review.  
Mr. James Cummings is requesting a review of a proposed 3-lot  
subdivision by creating one single-family lot and a duplex lot for  
development. The lot with an existing two-unit building will remain as a  
two-unit dwelling. The property in question is located at 68 High Street and  
identified on Tax Map: 37, Lot 21, Zone: Village Commercial (VC).  
21-13: Vintage Drive Subdivision. Major Subdivision and Major Site Plan  
sketch plan review. PTG Properties, LLC is requesting an amendment  
2020 approved minor subdivision known as PTG Properties Subdivision.  
The proposal is to revise the location of Vintage Drive ROW and lot lines of  
lots 3 and 4. The proposal is to develop Lots 3 and 4 with 30 residential  
dwelling units, and Lots 1 and 2 will remain for future commercial  
developments. The property in question is located at 626 Roosevelt Trail  
Street and identified on Tax Map: 52, Lot 24. Zone: Commercial District 1  
Other Business  
9 Adjournment  
The Planning Board will review remaining agenda items at 10:00 pm and may decide  
not to consider any other items after 10:30 pm. Items not considered by the Board  
will be postponed until the next available Planning Board agenda. Meetings that are  
cancelled because of weather will be noted on the local cable channel (wccgtv7) or  
Channel 6. Meeting cancellations will be forwarded to these stations by 4:30 pm. If  
you have special needs, due to a disability, please notify us at (207) 894-5960 ext. 2.